Kathryn Rutherford says...
I have been to Dani twice now.
Not only did she repair my nails, give me advice on how to improve them and give me lovely sparkly nails for my engagement, she also gave me beautiful holiday nails with bio sculpture gels that have lasted 3 weeks. And a gorgeous pedicure that felt like a real treat for my feet!
16th November 2016 2:43pm
Jos Barker says...

With a speedy winter wedding on the horizon and pretty horrific nails, a good friend of mine sent Dani to the rescue. Four weeks on and the Bio gels were still amazingly intact! Very impressed. So nice also to get to know Dani and see how much pride and science she puts towards her work. Thank you! xxx

15th November 2016 8:32pm
Lisbeth Gilmore says...
It has been many years since I did anything with my nails and they were in a very bad state. I was going on holiday and decided to treat my nails to some pampering. I booked an appointment with Dani and the rest is history. I leave my appointment feeling on top of the world. My nails with Bio Sculpture Gel coating are now beginning to take shape due to the regime I am following under Dani's advice. I am so proud to show my hands off now, its a real pleasure to sit with Dani to have your nails done the time just flies by and I make sure that I have my next appointment booked in to look forward to. The only problem .. what colour nails should I have this time. The range is fantastic. Thanks Dani xxx
15th November 2016 8:55am
Sarah says...
I\'ve had my nails done with BioGels with Dani four times and I will definitely keep returning - my nails look so perfect every time I visit!

There are regularly new shades of Bio Sculpture to try; my new favourite is Rosewood Stardust.

15th September 2016 9:35am
Monique Zahavi says...
Had my first pedicure in four years, long overdue and now have baby soft feet! Thanks Dani x
29th August 2016 11:53pm

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