Jenny says...
I visited Dani before going on holiday for a set of Bio gel nails, I was very pleased with the results. Dani is very knowledgable on how to care for your nails and what aftercare you need to keep them looking good. Very friendly and easy to chat to, a lovely lady!
10th August 2017 12:03am
Sonal says...
I went to Dani for a luxury manicure and Pedicure two weeks ago and had a lovely experience. Dani is very knowledgeable and professional. She fitted me in in her busy schedule so that I could have nice looking nail going away on a course. I highly recommend Dani to anyone who wants to have a nice nail experience and get great advice on how to look after your nails.
12th July 2017 10:41pm
Carol says...
Dani fitted me in at really short notice for bio sculpture gels and transformed my split nails to beautiful nails in time for a family wedding. Will certainly return next time I want my nails done
7th July 2017 10:02pm
Rosemary says...
Dani did the best ever manicure. Nails look sooo good. I will be returning to her salon before i go on my holiday in July.Smile
16th May 2017 11:13pm
linda kahan says...
I started having gel nail manicures whilst on holiday abroad. I was very satisfied. When I returned to London I went to our local nail salon hoping for the same result. I was so dissatisfied. The varnish just fell off, within a week. I felt particularly vulnerable since I am having chemotherapy which is known to effect ones hair and nails. In desperation I looked on the internet and by fortitude was directed to Dani Jacobs in Bushey, Hertfordshire, a fifteen minute car ride from my home. We made contact and i immediately knew I was in good hands - everything about Dani gave me confidence. I have had one treatment only with Bio Gels and can see how superior her treatment is. I am full of confidence that in Dani's care I will have nails I can be proud of. Thank you Dani.
16th May 2017 10:13pm

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